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How Heavy? Assessing the Burden of Taxation in Kansas

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Institute for Policy and Social Research (IPSR); Rosenbloom, Joshua L.
The Federal government’s Bureau of Economic Analysis collects and publishes statistics that help to put the burden of taxation in Kansas in perspective.1 Using these data it is possible to: (1) trace changes in the level of state taxes in Kansas relative to personal income, which is the best available measure of Kansans’ ability to pay, and (2) compare the level of taxes in Kansas with other states. As will become clear, Kansas legislators have not been spending out of control. The burden of supporting state government in Kansas is roughly in the middle of all U.S. states, and as a share of Kansans’ income the cost of supporting their state government has fallen slightly over the past decade.
Tax incidence, Taxation, Kansas, Waste in government spending, Business and economics
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Kansas Policy Review v.26 no.2 Fall 2004, pp.16-20
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